Vacaville Lifestyle Session: Ammerman Family

It was such a treat to photograph this family for their lifestyle session. I walked in the door and was immediately greeted by the Ammerman family’s twins, Derek and Regan. Within minutes, I was ushered into their personalized rooms for a morning of show and tell. After reassuring mom and dad that I was perfectly fine hanging out with them in their rooms, this Vacaville lifestyle session went under way.


Regan quickly showed me the way to her room.  She sat on her bed with her ukulele in hand, passing the time until she got comfortable with me.  It didn’t take long for her to start showing me her collection of My Little Ponies, demonstrating the proper way to fly.





Derek was not to be ignore.  He quickly got my attention by setting his BB-8 in my path.  Once he saw my attention was on him, he ushered me into his room to showcase his collection of cars.  I knew that the day was only going to get better when he donned on a Darth Vader costume and proceeded to leap of his bed like the action player that he was.





We spent the rest of the morning enjoying family time in their favorite parts of the house.  The light poured through the windows as the twins pulled out books for their parents to read. I love capturing these moments that bring the family together and give us a peek into their lives.





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