Modern Teen: Juhi

She leaped in the air with grace and elegance, fingers fully extended and toes pointed in perfect form.  She asked to see the back of my camera and immediately noted that she had to extend herself more.  This young lady had an attention to detail that was admirable and fearsome.  She had a power in her small frame that was made more beautiful in it’s gracefulness. It was hard to believe that this powerhouse of a young lady was only a teenager.

Her energy is infectious.  Her dedication to her talent was inspirational.  I found myself energized by her intensity and couldn’t get enough of her during her shoot in beautiful, downtown Napa.

A Modern Teen Lifestyle Session

As we walked through the brick lined alleyways of downtown Napa, I listened to Juhi as she shared her experiences as a ballet dancer and her competitive spirit as a cheerleader.  She shared stories of her average week that ranged from studies to unending practices.  She smiled the entire time and spoke with a charm and charisma that was infectious.  It was an honor and joy to photograph her in an inspirational Modern Teen Lifestyle session.  I wish her the best of luck in all of her endeavors.  Somehow I know, whatever she does, she’ll be amazing.

Napa Modern Teen

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