Meet Maryrose

Hello and thank you for stopping by!  My name is Maryrose.  I was born in the Philippines but set my roots (and my heart) in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s here where all of my passions have come to life.  I’m married to a wonderful man, my best friend and my number one supporter.  We built a life out of love and found the fountain of youth through laughter.  It’s what keeps us strong, honest and youthful.  Together we created a beautiful (and may I say, excessively adorable) family with our two little ones, Malia and Maxim.

I’m a romantic at heart.  I like to observe the world around me and find the story; to feel an emotional connection.  I thrive in the quiet moments because that’s where I often find God’s blessings.

This is what draws me to photography.  It started with a SLR and a high school darkroom.  Those classes taught me to truly look at the world and connect with what lies beyond the first glance.  I want to freeze those intimate moments so they can be reflected on and cherished in the future.   My daughter and son taught me to hold onto those moments.  They also taught me how fleeting they can be if you’re not paying attention.

My Photography: I love the storytelling that comes with being a photographer.  With every family I meet, I am drawn to their story.  What makes them unique?  What moments tell the story of that time?  What story do their faces share when a mom touches her child’s head?  Those are the moments that take your breathe away.  When I’m not shooting, I enjoy capturing my own story with my family to make sure our own miracles and own stories are documented for all the years to come.

 My Every Day.  You can often find me laying on the floor with my little ones climbing all over me.  My camera is rarely more than 2 feet away from my hand.  I’ve learned to eat my meals with a baby in one arm and a camera in the other.  Trust me, it took some time to perfect this technique.  When I can, I love to read.  If I can’t walk the journey, then I want to read about it.

Bamboo Leaf Studios Photography

My Favorites.  My favorite trip ever was to Italy.  I can’t put into words how beautiful the light is in Florence or how romantic it felt to know that I was walking the same steps of kings.  The coffee and gelato aren’t bad either.  Maui is my Disneyland.  Sushi is my dinner of choice.  I love shopping at Target and Home Goods.  Sundays are meant for football, especially if the 49ers are playing.

My Ideal World.  In my ideal world, I’d be a great gardener and a fantastic cook (neither of which I inherited from my incredibly talented parents).  I’d take pictures of my food and garden too.  It would always be Fall and cherry blossoms would always be in bloom.  I’d be walking along the bluffs of Prince Edward Island, re-enacting a scene from Anne of Green Gables….or I’d be taking a walk with Mr. Darcy along the trails of his lake.  Oh yeah, I can sit here dreaming of that all day!

I’m a proud member of Clickin’ Moms – a wonderful group of women who strive to not only improve the standards of our photography but provide a great support system on a professional and personal level.