Letters to My Children: Milestones

It’s been a month of milestones for you both.  Time seems to be flying by at warp speed these days and I can’t quite harness it to slow its passing a little bit.

To my sweet, fiery Malia.  It’s hard to believe 2 years have gone by since you came into our lives. Every day has been a blessing and a wonder. From day one you were always adventurous. And while I observe an introvert in you, your independent spirit allows you to explore and take chances.

You remind me so much of myself.

The last 2 years, you have shown me in so many ways the wonderment and joy of motherhood. You are a living testament of mommy and daddy. As you enter your second year, I’m excited to see what adventures you find yourself in.  Your second birthday came upon us fast, and it’s special in a different way from your first.  It feels like you’re stepping out of the “baby” world, right into toddler-kid world.  Every day you find ways to be like your role models.  You love mommy’s jewelry and enjoy helping with the laundry or cooking.  You walk in your daddy’s shoes and dance with his rhythm.  You speak with emphasis because you want to be heard.  I laugh at your frustrations when you can’t figure something out.  And your daddy laughs as he realizes that you have your mommy’s impatience.



Letters2-106Letters2-101To my gentle and wise little Maxim – Now don’t you think that I don’t see you as you sit in your car, quietly observing the world around you, charming us with your gentle smile.  You are a sweet, loving and gentle spirit but there’s a life and wisdom in your eyes that betrays the inner workings of your mind.  You, dear boy, are definitely paying attention – nothing is getting past you.  You remind me so much of your Lolo John and your dad.  You have their gentle nature.  You are content with your favorite toy in hand, watching your sister explore the world around you, following her moves and learning from her.  And I have no doubt that you’re learning, soaking it all in and just waiting to share it with the world.

…and you’re only 7 months!

You can sit up on your own.  You’re not up to crawling quite yet but I have a feeling you’ll bypass that phase and venture straight into walking.  Already, you enjoy being held up and holding onto your daddy’s hands, bouncing in place as you watch your sister dance in front of you.  I have no doubts you’ll be dancing alongside her in no time.  And do my ears deceive me?  Did the words “Mama” come out of your mouth a couple nights ago?  My mother’s heart says that it does.  My head, on the other hand, thinks it’s more likely you were asking for your Mum Mums.  In that way, you are like your mother.  I love to munch and eat too.  🙂


Loving you both always,

Mom xoxo

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  • Meg

    Girl you must be busy busy busy! Your two are adorable, what sweet letters to them both.

    • admin

      They definitely keep my hands full…Malia in particular. Thankfully her little brother is full content sitting in one place. She? Not so much. 🙂

  • You have some adorable children.

  • This is such a special letter and the photos are incredible! You are very talented

  • Meredith Bernard

    Oh, I love these thoughts penned about your baby girl and boy. The time does go by too fast and it is always a joy to watch them become little people in their own right. It’s also charming (most of the time 😉 to see ourselves in our children. Good and bad. 😀 Love your photos and your words. Look forward to next month.

  • Tracy Lynn

    So cute! Isn’t it amazing how two children can have such different personalities?

  • Tiffany Kelly

    I loved reading about your cuties

  • Jessica

    Super sweet letter!

  • Rachel Krull

    adorable! They are so special!

  • Alyssa Goslee

    Oh, those cheeks!!!! Lovely images!