Letters to My Children: Believe in Magic

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by and I’ve shared in the stories of other wonderful moms and photographers as part of the Letters to My Children blog circle.  This month was a wonderful month with my kids.  Here’s my letter to them as we wrap up the year and approach the new year with fresh ideas and changes.  I invite you to visit Tracy’s page to read her letter.

Dear Malia and Maxim,

You’ve made December such a wonderful month for me.  The holidays are incredibly special when I’m surrounded by you.  You both bring the magic of Christmas to life.  The air is filled with joy and wonder.  The lights reflect my blessings.  Your laughter fills my heart and soul with life.

I hope to bring that magic to your lives in every way I can.  Believe in magic.  Have faith in goodness and in love.  Christmas is such a wonderful reminder of that.  20 years from now, you may not believe in Santa or hear the bells ring like they do on The Polar Express.  But I hope the memories of your childhood will keep you light-hearted and whisical.  Life has it’s own share of dark hours but I hope to outshine that darkness with as much light and joy as possible.  When you have kids of your own, I hope you can re-live these wonderful moments through them and build light in their own lives.  It is, truly, a very magical feeling.

This year, you both enjoyed the sight of jolly old Saint Nick.  You took a train ride to the North Pole.  You baked cookies for Santa and were joyous in the gifts he left for you in their place.

You left your nostalgic, sentimental misty-eyed and brimming over with joy at the sight of it all.

It was a very Merry Christmas and one that I will hold onto for a very long time.  I love you my sweet babies!

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Letters to My Children

Letters to My Children

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