Embrace Imperfections – Lifestyle Photography

I was culling through my images from a recent session and stopped at this image.  I thought to myself, “Should I keep this image in the gallery?”.  I didn’t dwell on it long.  It made it into the gallery.  The image isn’t perfect.  No one was even looking at the camera.  Why did I keep it?  It’s simple really.

Vacaville Lifestyle Photography

This is how I imagined what life must be like on a regular basis for this family.

I imagine it’s not easy to wrangle 5 boys for a photo.  You put them in the great outdoors with trails, a creek and warm weather, things won’t always be predictable.  Though, I will say, this shoot went very smoothly and the family did amazing during their session.

I still wanted this to be a part of the gallery and I’m glad I trusted my instincts.  When this photo came up during the family’s Reveal session, they laughed and said “Of course, he would be the one running off!”.  They immediately marked it as a favorite and found themselves laughing every time they saw it again.

Embrace Imperfection.

Embrace the imperfections.  Embrace your story.  It’s nice to have the classic family portrait, but it’s the random moments that will produce a feeling or spark a memory.  These moments will strike a cord as you view your images years from now and the kids are living their lives and the chaos is at a minimum.

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